Outdoor space

"Il Borghetto" is surrounded by a shady garden with trees of various kind, with a lawn and flowers artistically arranged in "unlikely" containers such as jugs, logs, casks.

Casale visto dal prato
Giardino con amache
Here you can still see the swallows flying and the lightning bugs sparkling silently and brightening up the cool summer nights with their magic light together with the chirring of crickets . It looks like the valley of the eternal youth, where time has stopped or has never passed. Neither the past, not the future exist, but only a bewitching, unreal present.

In this idyllic space, furnished with seesaws and hammocks, children can freely play without danger and adults can enjoy their breackfast and evening snack or barbecue, surrounded by the most discreet privacy.

Scorcio di facciata
At the front of the farmhouse you can admire a delicate image of "La Madonna della Stella" placed in a typical frame dating back to the end of 17th century, a time witnessed by a square found in the ceiling of the house during the works.
Edicola con affresco

Agriturismo "IL BORGHETTO"
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