The Farm

The old building is surrounded by a large farm where several products are grown applying ancient farming methods. We refer above all to vines and olive groves.

Our wine is excellent like all that of this area, both the "Trebbiano Spoletino" and the "Rosso Montefalco" DOC, or the very famous and unique "Sagrantino di Montefalco" DOCG. Their heady scent inebriates mind and body and makes your stay here even more pleasant.
Portone principale

Our olive oil is with no doubt the best all over the world, with its strong and gentile flavour, just like the people who live here and who will make you taste such a deliciousness on crispy slices of bread prepared in front of you on a fire-place.

On the surrounding fields Paolo dabbles in growing any kind of vegetables, legumes and cereals without using chemicals so that his favourite summer pastime is taking away, one by one, with their hands, all the "little beasts" from the potato plants.

In summer the fields are lighted by the piercing yellow of the sunflowers, they sound like the rustle of the blonde wheat in a multicoloured frame going fro the electric blue of the chicory flowers, to the red of the poppies, and again to the yellow of the daisies, of the chamomile flowers and of the broom.

And while you are admiring such a rural view "somebody" will welcome you: The "genuine" inhabitants of the farm and the children will be intrigued by their cries and their way of moving, sometime distinguished, sometime funny. So, maybe for the first time, you will see a guinea-hen family walking in single file, a cock crowing proud to state its superiority, a lot of hens laying eggs, chickens scratching about, a sheep bleating shyly, a rabbit family eating greedly the grass, and a group of nice kittens purring and waiting for their share of food.

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